Is it safe out there???

Is it safe out there???

I am in no way an expert Economist, so I am reluctant to lecture and debate the impact of recent months’ developments on the job market. With the real consequences of Brexit, be it hard or soft, yet to be established, it is almost impossible to ignore the stark warnings by numerous figures and institutions, recommending we ready ourselves for a tougher time ahead.

But where does that leave the career-minded, ambitious professional? Do you shy away, apply a cautious attitude and be grateful that you are in secure employment, despite the feeling you know there could be something bigger and better out there? The answer, is no. Yes of course, the predictable Recruitment Consultant is going to say this, but let me justify why.

None of our Clients have altered their recruitment objectives since the decision in June and we have had a constant need for top calibre individuals to join some of the most talented and dynamic Finance Departments in the UK; with the FTSE 100 benefitting from a fall in the pound and the FTSE 250 continuing to make gains after an initial dip, on the whole, big business isn’t doomed. Of course I know this isn’t an exact gauge of the UK economy, with most of the 100 constituting international groups & other currency factors playing a part, but it’s worth highlighting that bright and value-adding individuals will always be in demand, whatever the economic climate and this is your opportunity to make the most of today’s job market, rather than sit in the shadows and let the perfect career-changer pass you by.

One thing we have learned from recent episodes, like “Marmite-gate”, is that prices are likely to rise and the overall cost of living will increase. If, like many others, the thought of returning to a student diet of basics beans on toast for dinner every night fills you with dread, then this is as better time as any to seek that better paid job you know you deserve.

I’m not saying, go crazy, flood the market, upload your CV to every job site out there and apply for anything that’s advertised at £5k more than your current salary; however it’s important to keep your relationships with those you know and trust, who have a strong client base and make sure you are kept abreast of the most relevant and progressive opportunities right for you. Don’t alienate yourself & lock yourself in the cupboard under the stairs until Theresa May and Phillip Hammond say it’s safe to come out.