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Recruitment Myths

Recruitment Myths

"A CV should never be more than 2 pages" – nonsense – if you’ve done it, then put it down.

"Being a ‘perfectionist’ and not being able to say ‘no’ are great examples of “weaknesses”’…Hmm.."

"Most recruiters make their minds up within the first 3 minutes of an interview" – some go as far as to take into account what you have done and how you did it.

"All recruitment agencies speak to their candidates in depth about their client and respective roles prior to submitting their CV"…. unfortunately not always the case!

"It needs at least 2 consultants to meet with a client in order to understand their business fully’" – and probably at least 3 to change a light bulb.

"Consultants should have crazy hair styles and pin stripe suits" – a correlation between attire and results has not yet been scientifically proven.

"All recruitment agencies are the same."

Vitae Financial Recruitment is a recruitment consultancy with a track record in ‘real’ consulting, focusing on the highest of candidate calibre and the avoidance of the stereotypical, scattergun approach, synonymous with the industry.

   Ryan Lamb & Guy Barwell
   Managing Directors