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Charlotte Garfield

Charlotte Garfield

Associate Director

What has been your oddest recruitment experience to date?

Having to wear an old lady fancy dress costume to the Royal Albert Hall during a Vitae outing, to watch Kasabian in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust

What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of going into the recruitment sector?

Thoroughly research your potential employer; a lot of large agencies promise the world, but ultimately give you nothing in the way of training. If you’re a complete newbie to the industry, it’s vital you get the right level of support and training to ensure you’re a success in the future.

What would be your chosen song if you were forced to sing in front of Simon Cowell?

TLC – No Scrubs

Why would you get nominated and kicked out of the Big Brother house?  

Because I would nap constantly out of sheer boredom and refuse to get involved with drama.

 If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one law would you pass?

Legalisation of Cannabis

Who is your ultimate hero?


Room 101 ?

People with terrible grammar

All-time favourite TV show?

Arrested Development

Will there ever be a boy that can swim faster than a shark?


Ant or Dec?