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It all started way back in 1869, on London’s Drury Lane. Mary and John Sainsbury opened their small, independent store with a dream to not only do things differently – but better than anyone else. While their competitors sold watered-down dairy from cooped up city cows, Mary and John sourced theirs elsewhere. They took pride in selling fresh milk from happy herds raised on the green grass and clean air of the countryside.Mary and John’s store quickly became known for its order and cleanliness, as well as fair prices and quality products that brought customers back, time and time again. And by the late 1890s, ‘Sainsbury’s’ now had several stores open under the slogan ‘Quality perfect, prices lower’.Today, they are the UK’s second largest retailer, with over 1400 stores and a huge online presence. Their London based Head Office offers a whole range of finance careers, bringing forward new ideas, to create the best experience for customers and colleagues.

If you are interested in any finance opportunities within Sainsbury’s London based Head Office, please email us at or call 01923 202 202 to discuss current live requirements