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Hello. My Name is Charlotte Garfield and I’m……in Recruitment

Hello. My Name is Charlotte Garfield and I’m……in Recruitment

Posted on 18/06/2018 by Charlotte Garfield



"Why did you bother getting a degree, if you've decided to go into Recruitment? Isn’t that a complete waste of time?" This is what my Grandpa asked me, when I told him I’d just accepted my first ‘proper’ job after Graduating. After a sly side-eye from my Grandma and a quick nudge in the ribs, he swiftly congratulated me and assured me how proud they were. As an impressionable young thing at the time, I was admittedly a little self-conscious about the decision myself, having friends embarking on Law conversions or joining big blue-chip Grad schemes. Was Recruitment a fully-fledged career? Would I be chewed up and spat out, left with nothing but a useless mental index of every Head Office located within the Northern Home Counties and a heavily dented ego? Well, almost 6 years later and whilst yes, 80% of my brain is filled solely with postcodes and direct lines, I can whole heartedly say I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I met the team at Vitae back in 2012, all I knew was the prospect of Recruitment sounded challenging, rewarding and, quite plainly, fun. I had always preferred the idea of working in a smaller team environment, rather than a big corporate, knowing it would probably suit my slightly goofy personality. Aside from this, I just wanted to learn new skills that would help me in real life situations and being a bit (a lot) of a teacher’s pet at school, a job where I could be remunerated for my hard work and persistence seemed to make sense. I was still very conscious of the usual stereotypes associated with the industry, but then no one I met during the interview process seemed anything close to this and I felt confident I wasn’t about to walk into to Watford’s version of the ‘Boiler Room’, just minus Vin Diesel.

The first couple of years were crazy, but having such an incredible support system around me, I never felt alone and had a plethora of more experienced colleagues and Directors to turn to for advice. I’ll admit that initially when getting together with old University friends I was a little embarrassed to reveal my chosen career, fearing a similar reaction as my Grandpa; “‘why would someone choose this? Isn’t this a job people do because they’ve failed at something else? Don’t you become a recruiter just to make a quick buck?” Then at one point in time, I realised I had actually achieved everything I set out to: I had found a job that was hugely varied, colleagues I actually looked forward to seeing every morning, an employer that valued my input and cared about my development, the opportunity to regularly meet new and interesting people and lastly, a job I was pretty good at! Why should I care if someone automatically assumes something of me because of what I do for a living?

I’m fairly certain that any good Consultancy will say that they struggle most with recruiting great talent for themselves (oh the irony!). We’ve built an excellent team here, of whom I’m immensely proud, but when looking to grow and complement our existing set up, it can be challenging. If we received the same number of applications for a Graduate Recruitment Consultant, as we do a Graduate Finance Analyst job posting, it would be a breeze, but the attraction just isn’t there. My worry is that for many, Recruitment is not yet regarded as an out and out career and something that many think they either won’t enjoy or doesn’t require much, if any, brain power.

I’ve written this in the hope it will help allay some of these concerns and I’m keen to speak with any bright and ambitious individuals who have perhaps previously not given any thought to the industry, or even completely disregarded it. I’ve attached a link to the advert we’re currently running, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly to discuss what a true career looks like here at Vitae…





Vitae Financial Recruitment is a recruitment consultancy with a track record in ‘real’ consulting, focusing on the highest of candidate calibre and the avoidance of the stereotypical, scattergun approach, synonymous with the industry.

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