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First Impressions: Lesson Number 689

Posted on 30/03/2017 by Ryan Lamb

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First Impressions: Lesson Number 689 – Don’t pretend to be something you are not. 

There is a real difference between putting your best foot forward and showing yourself in a favourable light, to  jumping straight into the arena puffed up with conceit and self-adulation.

No sector is exempt from these egocentric beings; only today I have seen a couple of my recruitment peer group refer to themselves as ….‘Talent Acquisition Ninjas’ and  ‘Destroyers of Recruitment Processes’ (I kid you not !!!) 

What these people actually do or should be doing, is creating and developing client relationships by understanding their respective businesses and matching up the appropriate talent. Martial arts should not be required and nor should the destruction of anything other than your own self obsession.

In a market that is becoming increasingly more competitive, having the gift of the gab is great, but being grounded, self-aware, humble and honest, counts for so much more. Obviously being able to demonstrate a relevant skill set is the most important factor but if you go into a meeting wearing a cape, make sure you can actually fly as you will get found out in the end.

Vitae Financial Recruitment is a recruitment consultancy with a track record in ‘real’ consulting, focusing on the highest of candidate calibre and the avoidance of the stereotypical, scattergun approach, synonymous with the industry.

   Ryan Lamb & Guy Barwell
   Managing Directors