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First Impressions: Lesson Number 657

Posted on 15/03/2017 by Ryan Lamb

Manners Cost Nohing

First Impressions: Lesson Number 657 – When corresponding on email, there is no need to remove the personal “Hello” greeting in favour of a direct and abrupt first name……. The misconception is that by starting your email ‘David’ as opposed to ‘Hello David’ you convey authority, professionalism and the need for an immediate reply. In fact what you are actually doing is one or all of the following: A. Being very rude. B. Pretending to be very important in order to disguise the truth behind your own mediocrity. C. Making up for your obvious insecurities by lording it up over a poor unsuspecting target. If you are an offender, it’s not too late to change. Politeness costs nothing and rudeness could cost you everything.


Vitae Financial Recruitment is a recruitment consultancy with a track record in ‘real’ consulting, focusing on the highest of candidate calibre and the avoidance of the stereotypical, scattergun approach, synonymous with the industry.

   Ryan Lamb & Guy Barwell
   Managing Directors